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Shorts Package: Heaven Knows I'm Awkward Now

Year 2018
Runtime 94 mins

Sometimes you're looking for a lover, and then you find one - but these characters find themselves in some very uncomfortable, if amusing, situations along the way. Give your valuable time to these shorts that explore the more awkward side of life.


BOTANICA - directed by Noël Loozen

A garden centre employee just cannot get his girlfriend pregnant. With his partner’s biological clock ticking, he must swallow his pride and embrace a solution. Learn More

FERN - directed by Johnny Kelly

A woman loses her husband, and finds a houseplant, in this darkly comic short film. Learn More

TWO PUDDLES - directed by Timothy Keeling

A family embarks on a woodland retreat looking to ease their strained relationships. Tensions instead reach a breaking point upon encountering two oddly connected puddles. Learn More

MY EX-GIRLFRIEND IS A SHOVEL - directed by Dezi Gallegos

Sometimes the person you thought you knew turns out to be a shovel that breaks your heart. That is how it goes for Coral as she recovers from the end of a three year relationship. With the support of her friends that also made the mistake of dating non-humans she vows to never date a shovel again. Learn More

COWBOY OF MOUNT LAURIER - directed by Gabriel Vilandre

Amélie meets a chivalrous stranger at the laundromat; he happens to be a cowboy. Learn More

LITTLE WAVES - directed by Ariane Louis-Seize

Amelie is thrown off guard when her cousin, and first crush, brings a love interest to the family reunion. This sparks an exploration with sensations that are much more powerful than she ever imagined. Learn More

NETFLIX & CHILL - directed by Michael Middelkoop

A satirical three-way date from hell featuring a guy, a girl and a TV screen. Learn More

FALLING - directed by Ewen Wright

A man unable to walk is assured by a doctor that he is fine, a woman on a date is told she is acting crazy and a young black man is stuck in a standoff with a man who is confident he is not racist. The three are brought together in this absurdist black comedy. Learn More

Presented by Jerilyn Wright / Partner Distribution Ltd.