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Shorts Package: Stretch Out and Laugh

Year 2018
Runtime 104 mins

Guests with PEGGY will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 28 and 30.

Let yourself lose yourself in laughter. Ignore all the codes of the day and let your juvenile influences sway in this set of shorts that go straight for the laughs.


ALLEN ANDERS - LIVE AT THE COMEDY CASTLE (CIRCA 1987) - directed by Laura Moss

In a New York City club a comedian is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This may be the breakout set that defines him. Learn more

MARTINI NIGHT - directed by Jacob Halpren and Steven Ross

Olives are the catalyst for a relationship blowout as a couple shops for their housewarming party. Learn more

MAUDE - directed by Anna Margaret Hollyman

Teeny arrives at a upscale home to start a nanny job. When her new employer turns out to be a high school classmate, she is compelled to become (even for just a day) the type of woman she never thought she wanted to be. Learn more

PEGGY - directed by Justin O'neal Miller

Peggy has a perfect life. So of course she throws a perfect birthday party for her eight-year-old son. It has everything - a bounce houses, a beautiful organic/vegan/free trade cake, a huge pile of gifts, and guests harbouring animosity towards the host. Learn more

SUMP - directed by Mike Wozniak

A cave diving accident leaves a woman's husband trapped underground. A very talkative police constable is only the first frustration while she awaits news of the rescue attempt. Learn more


A female yuppie looking for artisanal cheeses finds only a large serving of white guilt. Not even manchego will distract her from attempting to befriend the Indian woman who runs the bodega in her Brooklyn neighbourhood. Learn more

WYRM - directed by Christopher Winterbauer

Under the No Child Left Alone program, Wyrm will be held back and required to wear a remote monitoring collar through high school if he does not get his first kiss in the final days of summer. Learn more

YOU'RE ACCEPTED - directed by Nico Mancuso

Calling a filmmaker to invite a film to a festival is usually a happy call. This time the call takes a turn. Learn more

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