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Behind the Screen

The Funding Future

(The Shifting Landscapes of Production Financing )

Year 2013
Runtime 90 mins

Intro: Joe Novak (AMPIA)

Moderation: Shirley Vercruysse (Harrow Films)

Panelists: Valerie Creighton (Canada Media Fund), Dave Forget (Telefilm Canada), Jeff Brinton (Alberta Film), Elisabeth Holm (Kickstarter)

How do you finish your financial film, TV and media puzzles? With an eye on the future, each speaker will have an opportunity to highlight the tools in their financing kits that could help breathe a story to life—and flag how the landscape of changing media and financing has possibly modified their outlooks. CIFF has gathered an array of key influencers in Canada’s film industry to suggest financing solutions across multiple visual platforms and accessible programs. This panel aims to give filmmakers an insider view into the current media-funding climate—connecting the financing dots, and likely provoking more questions from each tentative answer. The future is wide open.

The Industry Series is made possible with the generous support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project.


Shirley Vercruysse, Harrow Films