Behind the Screen


(Alberta Bred, World Grown )

Year 2013
Runtime 90 mins

Intro: Damian Petti (IATSE)

Moderation: Trevor Smith (CIFF)

Panelists: Ken Filewych (editor), Rick Roberts (production designer), Dean Bennett (director), Craig Wrobleski (Director of Photography)

Led by a team of hard working, big thinking, Albertan creative leads, Heartland has not only been the backbone of steady industry in the Calgary market for more than seven years, but has spread to become a worldwide phenomenon in over 119 countries. CIFF and Heartland will provide curious enthusiasts and emerging talent a glimpse behind the curtain on the Heartland sound stages, and celebrate some of the leading craftspeople in this market. Sharing their insight into that boundless “Albertan spirit” producers keep coming back for, department heads from the series will try and sum up the secret to Heartland, and what still makes Calgary the best for capturing the west.

The Industry Series is made possible with the generous support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project.


Dean Bennett