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Goodbye, CIFF. Helloooo, calgaryfilm

It can be tough to say goodbye. You reminisce about all the laughs, and all the adventures, and you wonder what will come next in the as-yet-unwritten future. But deep down, you know it's for the best, even if it hurts.

That's why here at the Calgary International Film Festival, for our 18th year, we've decided to part ways with the longstanding acronym that many of you may know us by - CIFF - and start anew. Much like many other 18-year-olds heading out into the world, we're changing our nickname, dyeing our hair, getting a nose ring (well, maybe) and rebranding with something shiny and new!

Our new moniker will be the same as our website and our Twitter/Instagram handles: Calgary Film (or #calgaryfilm & @calgaryfilm for you social media buffs). As much as we've enjoyed sharing tagged photos and status updates with (among many, many others) the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, the Chinese International Furniture Fair, the Cairo, Cleveland and Chicago International Film Festivals, and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, we've decided that it's for the best if we cut ties this year and set out with something fresh. Our hope is that this new presence will make it easier to follow our news and updates, as well as helping you avoid any suspicious questions about why you were in Copenhagen when you said you were going to a movie down the street.

So give it a shot! Take a look at our most recent announcement (what's up, Shorts?) and tell your friends what you're looking forward to using the tag #calgaryfilm. During the festival itself, snap some grade-A movie scene reenactment photos and let us know so we can rain some praise down! We're hoping to hang on to this shorthand name for a good long while (don't get any ideas now, Calgary Bay in Scotland) so your posts will be safe for years to come.

Goodbye #ciff - welcome to #calgaryfilm!