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Filmmaker Q&A: Jordan Roberts (Burn Your Maps)

Yesterday, we kicked off our Filmmaker Q&A blog series with an entry about Linda Ohama and A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU. Today we got in touch with Jordan Roberts, director of BURN YOUR MAPS and co-writer of past films like BIG HERO 6 and the narration in MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. 


Can you tell us something fun about the making of BURN YOUR MAPS? 

Scouting in Mongolia to find places that would ‘match’ for Alberta — and vice-versa — then  realizing how many of those places there were. The two regions are remarkably similar, geographically.  

What are you looking forward to doing the most when you're in Calgary for the festival? 

Very simple: seeing my crew and actors.

What do you hope audiences will take away from watching your film? 

An honest portrayal of the often slim, but always very real, capacity for humans to survive the unimaginable, and find a new home when the old one is gone.    


BURN YOUR MAPS plays on Friday, Sept 23 (6:45 PM, Eau Claire 5) and again on Saturday, October 1 (11:00 AM, Eau Claire 5). Jordan will be present for a Q&A session after the Friday screening, so if you have any other questions for him, be sure to get your tickets to that! Check out this review from its screening at TIFF.

Tomorrow we'll hear from Jonatan Relayze, director of ROSA CHUMBE. Less than a week to go until the festival!

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