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Feel like staying up late?

If you've been to CIFF in years past, you know that one of our mainstays is the LATE SHOWS series - all the films that thrill, chill and scare you to your bones. In conjunction with our screening of the 2012 Late Shows selection, V/H/S, at the Ship & Anchor (sponsor of our Late Shows Series), we're announcing this year's list of films that are perfect for staying up past your bedtime.


Every wealthy old man has their eccentricities, and Jeb Crone's is building haunted houses out of rooms where deaths have occurred. What could possibly go wrong with that? Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II-IV).


Remember how scary it was to try and program your VCR, or to figure out what all the buttons meant? It's even scarier for these two brothers, who find a creepy VHS-controlled board game in their deceased father's shop, and decide to play. This film is a wonderfully crafted homage to the cheesy horror films of the '80s, and lovingly reinvents the genre for the modern day.


Shot in black and white, this film centres on Francisca, a sheltered farm daughter who is taught anatomy by her surgeon mother (using the farm animals, of course). When a drifter targets the house and tragedy strikes, Francesca puts those skills to work and gives him what he deserves, as she slowly descends into isolated insanity.


Based on the book of the same name, this fresh twist on the zombie genre follows a group of scientists seeking a cure for a fungus-based plague that has overrun the world. Realizing that it's not as simple as "us vs. them", allegiances shift as difficult realities in the situation emerge. 


Brayden lives a strange life: he lives with his dad Ronnie and competes with him for the affections of Janet, a sexy patron of Ronnie's walking disco tour. As the competition increases and Ronnie's diet gets ever more oily, a gruesome maniac dubbed "The Greasy Strangler" emerges at night to strangle the innocent. Brash, crude and juvenile, you're going to want to bring a sense of humour to this one!


Getting a head injury is bad, but then finding out that you have a large mass in your brain is even worse. But the worst thing of all is finding out that it isn't cancer, it isn't a's something that has always been there and completely changes your life. Award-winning cinematographer Jeff Maher makes sure that this film looks as crisp and sharp as any Hollywood blockbuster.


More than 20 years ago, Asher's brother was killed by Ivan, and ever since, Asher has been plotting his revenge. When Ivan gets out of jail, then, Asher begins the hunt to satisfy his bloodlust. The twist? He's tracking his own father. This one is definitely not for the kids - it's got enough violence and realistic brutality to make Tarantino look away.


Single mom Renee is kidnapped and taken to an eerie facility by a group of tormentors, who torture her with her greatest fears. When she escapes and learns the horrible truth behind the plot, she must think quickly to protect her son from suffering the same fate. 

SHORTS: Late Shows Programme

This year we've also introduced a Late Show shorts package, jammed with eight short films that will get your heart rate going. It's basically as good as exercise, right?


Pick up your 10 & 20 packs or festival pass to get access to any of the above screenings. And remember to check back on Wednesday when we announce our Gala Films for the 2016 festival. We'll be hosting a Facebook Live from Globe Cinema at 10 a.m. so be sure to tune in! 

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