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Award-Winning Cinema

When you're surrounded by Hollywood glamour, sometimes we forget that the rest of the world produces some intensely moving and incredibly well-made films. In today's Second Wave of Film Announcements, we highlight Award-Winning World Cinema that will be screening at CIFF 2016. These films have already picked up awards from other major festivals and will be some of the most buzzed about films to hit the festival circuit this fall.


Anna is nearly 30, living in a shed, and rocking a haircut that would put an '80s pop star to shame. When her mom, her old high-school friend, an eight-year-old boy and an awkward real estate agent all converge on her at once, she struggles to maintain her identity while maybe - just maybe - becoming one of these "adults" she's heard so much about. Winner of the Nora Ephron Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Star, a teenage girl who feels lost and aimless, joins up with a traveling crew of magazine salespeople that spends most of their time partying and running amok. Crossing the Midwest with her new confidante Jake (Shia LeBeouf), she only wants to outrun the consequences of growing up. The first film set in America from Andrea Arnold, director of FISH TANK and WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


The seal hunt of the Canadian north is one of the most controversial topics in the country. In this moving documentary, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril bares her culture to Canada and the world, showcasing why it's not as black and white as the activists and politicians try to make it out to be. Winner of Canadian Documentary Promotion Award & Vimeo On Demand Audience Award at Hot Docs 2016.


Greta Driscoll is a shy, introverted 14-year-old and her worst nightmare is coming true: her parents have invited her entire school over for her birthday party. Now lost in an absurd, ridiculous and oddly colourful world, she must learn to balance her old life with her impending adulthood. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature Film at the Seattle International Film Festival.


Linda Bishop survived on apples and rainwater for four months in the middle of one of the coldest New Hampshire winters on record. She also kept a diary that tracked her slow spiral into insanity and hopelessness. This documentary shines a light on the harsh and unfair treatment that some people endure, even in the midst of a rich and civilized nation. Winner of a Special Jury Prize at Hot Docs 2016.


In 1930s Korea, a thief posing as a maid begins working for a wealthy noblewoman in order to gain access to her fortune. All of this is orchestrated by a mysterious Japanese count, who has a master plan in mind. But he did not account for the emotions that would come in to play as the weeks wear on. The latest from celebrated South Korean Director Park Chan-Wook (OLDBOY, STOKER). Winner of the Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


Unable to work and reluctantly dependent on the British welfare system, Daniel Blake struggles to maintain his dignity. Taking on the beaureacratic morass of big government, he joins forces with Katie, a homeless single mother, in this scathing look at the humiliation some of our fellow humans face. Winner of a Palme d'Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


Eyal and Vicky have lost their son, and after the traditional week of mourning, he is not quite ready to go back to real life. Finding comfort in the company of his young, comparitively care-free neighbour Zooler, Eyal rediscovers all the things that make life worth living. Winner of the Best First Film award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.


When you're a hard-drinking cop with a gambling problem, you'd think that only your bosses would give you trouble. But then Rosa Chumbe's daughter runs away, leaving Rosa with a days-old infant grandson to care for. Feeling unready for this challenge, Rosa finds herself asking a god she has never believed in for a miracle that will allow her to pull through. Winner of Best Peruvian Film at the Lima Latin American Film Festival.


Venya is a lonely teenager without many friends, and he has a hard time fitting in at school. Turning to the Bible for solace, he uses it with such conviction that he persuades his fellow students to join his cause, eventually becoming a legitimate threat to the faculty's rules. Showing how fundamentalism grows and thrives, this is a must-see for modern times. Winner of the François Chalais Award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


In 1966, a sniper opened fire from the top of a Texas university tower, kicking off the first mass school shooting in the United States. 50 years later, director Keith Maitland uses archival footage, interviews, and cutting-edge animation techniques to tell the whole story with a unique visual style. Winner of the Grand Jury Award for a Documentary Feature at SXSW 2016.


Starting this year, CIFF is an Academy Awards® Qualifying Short Film Festival in the Animated and Live Action Short Film categories. This year we've got a whole bunch of shorts that are definitely worthy of that honour and will be competing for our 2016 jury-selected Best of Shorts Award! Check out the list of some of the biggest Award-Winning Short Films that will be screening at CIFF 2016.

Tickets for all films, including those listed above, go on sale September 7 when our full festival lineup is announced. You can get access to all the above films with our 2016 Festival Pass or 10 & 20 Ticket Packages. Early Bird Pricing ends this Friday (Aug. 12) so be sure to pick up your Early Bird Pass or Ticket Pack today! 


See you on Sunday over at the Ship & Anchor for our Late Shows Announcement! There'll be Big Rock beverages, free popcorn, and a screening of a CIFF Late Shows classic, V/H/S. How can you go wrong?