Announcing Generation Next

Posted on April 24, 2018

The Calgary International Film Festival announces an innovative new film program to empower the youth perspective.

In partnership with the Calgary Board of Education and funded by the Calgary Foundation and Rozsa Foundation, Generation Next gives a new voice to the youth perspective by collaborating with high school students to select and watch films as part of the 2018 Calgary International Film Festival.  

“From Parkland to gay-straight alliances, high school students are passionately engaging with and changing the world like never before. That makes us incredibly excited to be launching Generation Next program at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival, which empowers youth to share their perspective through film," said Executive Director Steve Schroeder.

The new series will feature up to six youth-focused films selected by high school previewers, and teachers will have the opportunity to bring classes to daytime screenings during the film festival. 

10 student previewers participating in the Calgary Board of Education's Unique Pathways program are mentored by the festival's expert programming team, and select up to six films to play as part of the festival's new series. The program is the first of its kind in Canada and is modelled after the internationally renowned Generation 14 Program at the Berlin Film Festival. 

"What makes Generation Next unique is that it’s the youth themselves who are selecting the films for this program. They get to decide which of this year’s films from around the world are the most relevant and important to share with their Calgary high school peers. Generation Next is the result of over two years of planning with our partner, the Calgary Board of Education, and the visionary support of The Calgary Foundation and Rozsa Foundation," said Schroeder. 

The curated films will have high school curriculum ties, and for $10 per student, teachers can sign-up for an organized field trip (including transportation) to watch a film during the school day between Sept 24-27, 2018. Registration closes on June 29. 

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