Doc Soup Calgary Presents: The Human Scale

Posted on October 18, 2013

CIFF and Hot Docs are excited to announce that the first screening in the 2013-2014 Doc Soup series will be Andreas M. Dalsgaard's The Human Scale, playing at 7 p.m. on November 6 at Cineplex Eau Claire.

Our cities are operating against a ticking time bomb. Fifty per cent of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas, but over the next 40 years that number will nearly double. There isn’t enough time to build the infrastructure we need, but revolutionary Danish city planner Jan Gehl says even the largest megacities must be re-thought and redesigned on “the human scale.”

A critical view on the way we build and use the cities we live in, The Human Scale travels around the world to explore how Gehl’s vision of the human megacity—intimate, lively, safe, sustainable and healthy—is being implemented in places like New York, Chongqing, and Christchurch today.

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