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Q. How can I submit? 
A: We accept submissions exclusively through FilmFreeway ($USD only).


Q. When is the deadline? 
A. Submissions for the 2019 festival are now closed. 


Q. How much does it cost to submit? 
A. Price for features is $45 Earlybird, $60 Regular Deadline, $80 Extended Deadline.

Shorts are $30 Earlybird, $40 Regular Deadline, $60  Extended Deadline.

* Waived fees for festival alumni and Alberta productions


Q. Can Alberta-made films enter without paying the submission fee? 
A. The festival is pleased to waive fees for Albertan submissions, filmmakers must contact for a waiver code prior to submitting their film. The following point system is used to determine Alberta eligibility – a minimum of five points is required: Albertan location (2 points), resident Albertan as a principle cast member (1 point), resident Albertan writer (1 point), resident Albertan producer (1 point), resident Albertan director (1 point), Albertan funding source (2 points).


Q. Can I submit more than one film? 
A. Yes, but a separate form is required for each film. 


Q. Are there eligibility criteria? 
A. Yes. Short films must be 40 minutes or under in duration, Features must be 41 minutes and up, completed after June 2018. Your film must be a Calgary Premiere, and not have a scheduled theatrical release in Calgary that falls before the festival dates. Your film must not be available online, for television broadcast, on iTunes or by video-on-demand. (*Not applicable for short film submissions). Scroll down for the full eligibility criteria.


Q. What genres do you screen? 
A. All genres. Our program includes, but is not limited to, Canadian Cinema, World Cinema, American Cinema, Documentaries, Late Shows, Music on Screen and Shorts.


Q. What preview formats do you accept? 
A. We only accept secure online screener links. Please add your secure screener link to the appropriate field on the form, or if needed can be included in the comments section instead.


Q. What formats do you screen? 
A. DCP (preferred) and BluRay. We also have 3D capability.


Q. Are you a competitive festival? 
A. Yes. All films are eligible for our Audience Choice Awards: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Alberta Feature, Best Live Action Short or Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Alberta Short. Selections are also considered for Jury Awards: Best Canadian Narrative Feature ($10,000 cash), Best Overall Short Film – Live Action or Animated* ($2,500 cash), Best Documentary Short Film ($2,500 cash), Best Alberta Short Film ($2,500 cash)
*The winner of the Best Overall Short film award is now eligible to enter the short film competition for the concurrent Oscar® season in the Animated / Live Action category, provided the film meets all of the requirements set forth in the official rules.

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We divide our program into different series. When submitting please note which series you think your film would fit best in. 

Shining a light on marquee films, galas celebrate the year’s highest accomplishments with a screening and a party.


The most anticipated, not-to-be-missed, most buzzed-about films of the festival circuit – from award winners and high-profile projects to celebrities and master directors.

Alberta Scene
A celebration of films created in our home province, from the highest mountain peaks to the endless prairie skies.

Canadian Cinema
From sea to sea – the series celebrates our country’s most inspiring, diverse and promising films.

New American Cinema
New and emerging voices from the United States vibrant, independent movement, with an emphasis on under-the-radar and cutting-edge style and story.

Youth Series (suitable for ages 14-18) 
A diverse range of genres and stories from around the world, with themes targeted to younger audiences and those looking for innovative, youthful, fun and at times challenging subject matter.

World Cinema
A spin of the globe: a captivating world of rich stories from beyond our borders. Note: All foreign language films are played with English subtitles.

An uncensored view of the real world: showcasing gripping, entertaining and enlightening stories from around the globe.

Music on Screen
From the grassroots of rock n’ roll to hip-hop and folk and everything in between: the best of movies where music plays the starring role.

Late Shows 
Dark, twisted and daring late night selection of genre films, ranging from sci-fi to horror, thriller and fantasy films from around the world, with no shortage of high-intensity suspense, shock, gore and action.


Eligibility guidelines for submitting to the 2019 Calgary International Film Festival 

1) The film was completed after June 1, 2018, and not previously submitted to the Calgary International Film Festival.

2) All applicable licenses and waivers of copyrights, moral rights, trademarks and other such intellectual property rights have been secured by the filmmaker(s).

3) Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English.

4) It must be a Calgary premiere. The film cannot have been screened publicly in Calgary prior to the 2019 festival, including broadcast versions of any length or at other local film festivals. This includes cast & crew screenings for feature films. 

5) Feature films must not be available online in any form (iTunes, VOD, Netflix etc.) unless it's only available outside of Canada. If it's been released theatrically, the film cannot have played in Alberta.

6) For short films, priority is given to films that have not yet screened in Calgary and are not yet available online. We accept competition-based created shorts, where screening online is part of the process (for e.g. Telus Storyhive).

7) The film must not have submitted to the festival previously at any stage of completion (i.e. films that were submitted as rough cuts will not be reconsidered).

8) Submission fees are non-refundable.

9) Submission deadlines are at 11:59 PM MST of the posted date.