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Canadian Cinema


Year 2019
Runtime 93 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere
Sep 24
7:00 PM Globe Cinema - Up
Sep 26
5:30 PM Eau Claire 4
A scientist who invented time travel goes back in time to convince himself to never invent it in the first place.

James is an uptight time-travelling obsessed young scientist, with a lifelong secret crush on his best friend Courtney, and a younger sister, Meredith, who is stuck looking after him since their parents died. James’s tunnel vision determination to become the world’s first time traveller has taken over every aspect of his life, and the only two people who care about him at all - Courtney and Meredith - are almost ready to give up on him. When James is visited by Jimmy, his nihilistic future self, he's told that he needs to give up his dream of becoming the world's first time traveller, or else suffer the unimaginably lonely consequences. But when he won't go along with the plan, it becomes a wicked battle of man versus himself - literally.

CIFF alumni Jeremy LaLonde (HOW TO PLAN AN ORGY IN A SMALL TOWN) directs another CIFF alumni, Jonas Chernick (MY AWKWARD SEXUAL ADVENTURE; CIFF Audience Award Winner 2012) in this sci-fi themed romantic comedy co-starring Daniel Stern (HOME ALONE, CITY SLICKERS) and TV star Cleopatra Coleman (THE LAST MAN ON EARTH).

Writer & Director, Jeremy LaLonde, and Writer & Actor, Jonas Chernick, are in attendance for the Sep. 24 screening; Q&A to follow.


Edmonton International Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury
Jeremy LaLonde
Jonathan Bronfman, Jonas Chernick, Jordan Walker
Jonas Chernick, Jeremy LaLonde
Scott McClellan
Stephen Krecklo, Ian LeFeuvre
Jonas Chernick, Cleopatra Coleman, Frances Conroy, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Daniel Stern