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Shorts Package: A light That Never Goes Out

Year 2018
Runtime 112 mins

Guests with FOR DAD, WITH LOVE will be in attendance for an introduction on September 21, and for a post-screening Q&A on September 23.

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die, but often death leaves lovers behind in these shorts about longing for times past. Let the pleasure and privilege of watching be yours.


MAMMOTH - directed by Ariel Heller

A carefree, terminally-ill man is planning to end his life with dignity and on his own terms. Before he does he enlists his brother to chauffer him on a "farewell tour" to Mammoth, California. Learn More

I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU - directed by Dumaine Babcock, Ben Joyner

While coping with his HIV/AIDS diagnoses, a photographer creates a portrait series featuring his loved ones captured as he shares the news. Learn More

FONTAINEBLUES - directed by Jakim Gagnon

Late one December night Clara is called to the home of her sister Sara. Through tough love Sara finds she is not as powerless as she feels. Learn More

MY DEAD DAD'S PORNO TAPES - directed by Charlie Tyrell

David Wain narrates this documentary about a man seeking to understand his emotionally distant late father. He does this through examining the random belongings left behind, starting with a stack of VHS pornography from the 1980s. Learn More

THREE PAGES - directed by Roger Gariépy

Martin, an unassuming middle-aged accountant, learns he has only weeks to live and finds a new determination to learn the three pages of a Bach adagio for piano he’d abandoned as a child. Learn More

A CRAFTSMAN - directed by Sanford Jenkins Jr.

A rural woodworker is overcome with grief following the death of his wife. He sets to work on a coffin so he can join her. Learn More

FOR DAD, WITH LOVE - directed by Dominique Van Olm

Alexander has been growing his hair since shortly after his father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and donating it could be a milestone in a long grieving process. Learn More

FAUVE - directed by Jérémy Comte

Two boys play alone in a surface mine. An innocent game becomes a confrontational battle for power until Mother Nature raises the stakes. Learn More

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