Shorts Package Animators of the World Unite

Shorts Package: Animators of the World Unite

Year 2018
Runtime 95 mins

Animators unite and take over! These animators tried living in the real world, but were bored before they even began. Featuring fantastic takes on reality - from a girl striving for the stars, to a family of mermaids - animation pushes the boundaries of a reality re-imagined.


THE DRIVER IS RED - directed by Randall Christopher

Argentina, 1960: A high ranking Nazi war criminal is on the run, and secret agent Zvi Aharoni is going to hunt him down. An animated true crime documentary. Learn More

WEEKENDS - directed by Trevor Jimenez

In 1980’s Toronto, a young boy is shuffled between the homes of his divorced parents, interspersed with surreal moments of a fantasy home life that can never be the same again. Learn More

MERMAIDS AND RHINOS - directed by Viktoria Traub

A surreal navigation of family memories, complete with mermaid grandmothers, and mesmerizing glances of grotesque and bizarre characters hungry for love. Learn More

FEST - directed by Nikita Diakur

Drone. Stunt. Rave. An animated short that seeks to break computer simulations and embrace random mistakes, by the creator of UGLY. Learn More

BLINK OF AN EYE (AUGENBLICKE) - directed by Kiana Naghshineh

Three perceptions of a singular powerful moment; his, hers, and ours. Learn More

5 YEARS AFTER THE WAR - directed by Samuel Albaric, Ulysse Lefort, Martin Wiklund

A man is caught between his Jewish upbringing and the media driven perceptions of Muslims, colouring the character of the father he has never met. Learn More

AN ISLAND - directed by Rory Byrne

Pushed by his memories, a lone explorer seeks to conquer both his inner and outer environments, mirrored by the wonder and decay of the natural world. Learn More

ONE SMALL STEP - directed by Andrew Chesworth, Bobby Pontillas

A humble father encourages his daughter Luna to follow her out of this world dreams of becoming an astronaut, in the first independent short from a veteran Disney animator team. Learn More

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