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New American Cinema

Locating Silver Lake

Year 2017
Runtime 109 mins
Language English

Director Eric Bilitch will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 26.

Lovelorn graduate Daniel Willingham heads into the post-college abyss without a dime or connection, searching for his place in the world. Arriving in Los Angeles, Daniel finds a great rental just 'adjacent' to the popular neighbourhood of Silver Lake. There, he quickly becomes entrenched in two worlds pulling him in opposite directions, as a single mother of two and a gang member serve as his closest neighbours - and confidantes.

But in the hip epicentre of Silver Lake, Daniel is lured in by a charismatic new group of friends with dangerous secrets left to uncover. LOCATING SILVER LAKE is the story of the family we are born into, the family we yearn to be a part of, and the family we deserve.

Boasting winning performances by Josh Peck ( RED DAWN), Aubrey Peeples (NASHVILLE), Amaury Nolasco (PRISON BREAK), and a magnetic Finn Wittrock (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) as the charismatic and mysterious Seth, LOCATING SILVER LAKE marks a remarkably assured, and decidedly different, take on the coming of age genre by writer/director Eric Bilitch.

Written by Guy Lavallee

Presented by Scott Venturo Rudakoff Lawyers


United States
Eric Bilitch
Executive Producer
Doug Bilitch, David Polemeni, Ronald Zamber
Deborah Del Prete
Eric Bilitch
Zakk Eginton
Eric Bilitch
Harlan Silverman
Josh Peck, Finn Wittrock, Aubrey Peeples, Amaury Nolasco, Valerie Cruz, Zelda Williams, Robbie Kay, Dan Lauria