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I'll Take Your Dead (Encore)

Year 2018
Runtime 83 mins
Language English
World Premiere

Director Chad Archibald and actor Aidan Devine will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 27. Producer Chris Giroux will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 27 and 29.

William (Aidan Devine) makes dead bodies disappear. This isn't something he likes to do, but through circumstances out of his control, his country house has become a dumping ground for the casualties of gang-related murders nearby. His daughter, Gloria, is all too used to her dad’s work, and men dropping off corpses. After a woman is dumped at the house, unknowingly still alive, William holds her against her will until he can figure out what to do. As they begin to develop a very unusual respect for each other, her "murderers" get word that she's still alive and plan to finish what they started.

Director Chad Archibald (BITE, EJECTA, THE HERETICS) has produced over 20 genre films, and is welcome back to our festival with another strong addition to his career.

Written by Brenda Lieberman

Presented by Ship & Anchor

Community Partner: Calgary Horror Convention


Chad Archibald
Executive Producer
Nat Abraham, Michael McGuigan, Ira Levy, Peter Williamson
Cody Calahan, Chad Archibald, Chris Giroux
Jayme Laforest
Jeff Maher
Mike Gallant
Stephanie Copeland
Aidan Devine, Ava Preston, Jess Salgueiro