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My Father Die

Year 2016
Runtime 90 mins

21 years ago, at age 12, Asher was hit so hard that he became deaf and mute – and his older brother was killed by the nefarious Ivan. Since then, Asher has trained for the day Ivan gets out of prison, fully intending on getting a brutal and bloody revenge for the injuries done to his family. The only catch? His target is also his father.

Violent, sensationally gory and unforgiving in its realism, MY FATHER DIE is a vengeance film for the mature crowd. Directed by Sean Brosnan, son of famous Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, it stars Joe Anderson (THE GREY, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE) and Chester Rushing (STRANGER THINGS). 

Warning: this film contains disturbing and graphic scenes.


United States
Sean Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
Joe Anderson, Chester Rushing