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New American Cinema

Donald Cried

Year 2016
Runtime 85 mins
Language English

When you’re a friend in need, who can you really depend on? Unfortunately for Peter, the friend indeed is Donald. Now a successful Wall Street banker, Peter (Jesse Wakeman) returns to his Rhode Island hometown to settle his grandmother’s estate, and a lost wallet leaves him at the mercy of former best friend Donald (Kris Avedisian, also the film’s writer-director, in a brilliantly eccentric performance). Ecstatic at his friend’s return, it quickly becomes clear that Donald has been stuck in a state of arrested development since Peter left. With no one else to turn to for help, Peter reluctantly asks Donald for money and transportation around town to sort out his grandmother’s affairs. As they spend the day exploring the town, old grudges begin to surface, and Donald’s eccentric behaviors leave Peter wondering how different the two men really are.

With a wonderfully deadpan and awkwardly relatable sense of humour, DONALD CRIED proves that you really can(’t) go home again.

Short Before Feature: PINK VELVET VALLEY


United States
Kris Avedisian
Executive Producer
Kris Avedisian
Kyle Martin, Sam Fleischner, Allison Carter
Kris Avedisian
Sam Fleischner, Trevor Holden
Frank Heath
Production Design
Kia Davis
Jesse Wakeman, Kristopher Avedisian, Louisa Krause, Robby Morse Levy