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Thrills, Chills & a Mill

Year 2015
Runtime 83 mins

These shorts are not for the faint of heart. A selection of classic frights: murders, vampires, a demon from another dimension, a haunted home, and unwanted dinner guests.

CHANDELIER – United States – 17 minutes – Alexander Yan

Recreations of moments, big and small, from the tumultuous relationship of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander leading up to his brutal murder at her hands.

PORTAL TO HELL – Canada – 11 minutes – Vivieno Caldinelli

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper stars as a crusty and reclusive superintendent who takes a break from impossible-to-please tenants to engage in the ultimate fight against evil all because a couple of cultists open a multi-dimensional gateway in the basement.

WANDERER – Canada – 16 minutes – Mark O’Brien, Jake Wilkens

A young backpacker arrives at the vacation home of a couple. The lady of the house gives him a hesitant welcome, but the man of the house is eager for a partner with whom to wax philosophical deep with into the night. Everyone has more on their mind than they let on.

THE GUESTS – Australia – 11 minutes – Shane Danielsen

A woman awaits the return of her husband while lonely and isolated in her new home with her young baby. A buzz at the door signals the arrival of unexpected guests for a housewarming party she had not planned. More guests arrive and a nightmare begins. CANADIAN PREMIERE.

THE MILL AT CALDER’S END – USA – 14 minutes – Kevin McTurk

A man returns to his childhood home, a haunted windmill, intent on breaking a family curse. A gothic ghost story in the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

O NEGATIVE – Canada – 14 minutes – Steven McCarthy

A weak female vampire and the man that cares for her set up in a hotel room. He must find a way to feed her addiction.