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World Cinema


Year 2015
Runtime 82 mins
Language Farsi
Subtitles English

TAXI is the third film from renowned auteur Jafar Panahi after the Iranian government banned him from making films in 2010.

Similar to the first film Panahi made under the ban, THIS IS NOT A FILM, TAXI does not appear to be a scripted film.

The film features Panahi driving a taxi around the streets of Tehran, picking up passengers and dropping them off at different locations. All of the interactions with passengers are recorded from a camera on his dashboard, so technically, Panahi does not appear to be directing anything. However, the inclusion of smart dialogues, shift in camera angles and the presence of a few memorable passengers reveals his brilliance.

Pushed into a corner by the government, Panahi has tapped into the same creative energy as THE WHITE BALLOON and CRIMSON GOLD; films he directed before the ban.

He uses a taxi as a medium to bring forth topical discussions about society, freedom, censorship, public vs private space and even film distribution.

Everything is presented with plenty of humour and some melodrama bathed in reality. Winner of the Golden Bear (2015 Berlin Film Festival), TAXI is one of 2015’s most relevant films.


Golden Bear Berlin 2015
Berlin International Film Festival 2015, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2015
Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi