Relatives & Romance

Year 2015
Runtime 90 mins

Our relationships, whether romantic or familial, define our lives. This package rides the highs and lows of the myriad of relationships that people experience. Feisty seniors, the bond between siblings and the challenges that relationships can bring.

MINA.MINERVA – Canada – 11 minutes – Marshall Axani

When an argument over an organ transplant nearly pushes 70-year-old identical twins to fisticuffs, decades of unaired baggage force their already strained relationship to implode. A lively look at a pair of feisty seniors. Stars Jackie Robbins and Joyce Robbins in attendance on Wednesday's screening! 

TOM IN AMERICA – Brazil – 16 minutes – Flavio Alves

Michael and Betty (Academy Award® nominees Burt Young and Sally Kirkland) have been married for 50 years. When a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael's long-buried desires, secrets are revealed.

IN DEEP WATERS – Canada – 12 minutes – Sarah van den Boom

When a twin dies in the womb, the survivor can be left with a lifetime of grief. This animated short tells the story of three such people.

MOMMY – Sweden – 11 minutes – Milad Alami

An unsettling portrait of a young mother who does not want to give up her party lifestyle.

ÉROTISSE – Canada – 7 minutes - Geneviève Albert - NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE.

A couple tries to get romantic despite a series of mood ruining distractions. Cold feet, spaghetti burps, phone calls from mom; will any of these stifle their quest for intimacy?

OVERPASS (VIADUC) – Canada – 19 minutes - Patrice Laliberté

A teenager sneaks out to create graffiti the night before his brother comes home. A moving family drama about the importance of finding a creative outlet while facing emotional upheaval.

IT’S NOT YOU – Canada – 12 minutes – Don McKellar

Breaking up is hard to do. These 12 young couples go through the pain, and occasional relief, of telling significant others they are, in fact, insignificant.