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Year 2015
Runtime 85 mins

Celebrating sustainability, this year's Green Carpet Gala film, LANDFILL HARMONIC, is an acclaimed documentary about a group of children from Paraguay who play instruments made from recycled materials. Party to follow at CRAFT Beer Market.

Director Brad Allgood in attendance!

Watch the Q&A with Director Brad Allgood. 

LANDFILL HARMONIC is the remarkable story of the Recycled Orchestra, a group of children from Paraguay who play instruments made entirely from garbage. 

Residing in the slums of Cateura a community built on a landfill – the Recycled Orchestra creatively finds beautiful ways to utilize the one thing they have an abundance of: trash.  

Using only discarded items they find at the local dump, the youth musical group builds and maintains their drums, violins and cellos made from repurposed scraps, under the guidance of local garbage picker Cola and orchestra founder Favio Chávez. 

Their inspirational story quickly garnered international attention, launching the orchestra out of obscurity and they now travel to some of the largest metropolises in Latin and North America to perform sold-out shows and arena concerts. Life for the Recycled Orchestra swiftly transformed, taking them into the uncharted territory of meeting famous musicians, celebrities and travelling the world.

As the musical group adapts to their new found fame, their rise to stardom was halted following the devastating floods in their hometown. Now the Recycled Orchestra is banding together as a source of hope for their families and neighbours. 

A testament to both the power of music and the opportunities that come from the most unexpected places, LANDFILL HARMONIC is an uplifting documentary that explores one of the most innovative uses of reclaimed garbage while highlighting to vital issues: poverty and waste pollution. 

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United States
Audience Award (24 Beats Per Second), SXSW
Moving Mountains Prize, Telluride Mountain Film
Inspiring Lives Award, San Francisco Green Film Festival
SXSW 2015
Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley, Juliana Penaranda-Loftus (co-director)
Alejandra Amarilla, Jorge Maldonado, Juliana Penaranda-Loftus
Neil Barrett
Michael A. Levine