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New American Cinema

Funny Bunny

Year 2015
Runtime 85 mins

Titty (OLLY ALEXANDER, lead singer of major buzz-band Years & Years) is a rich and extremely immature young man whose fortune came from suing his father for embezzling his inheritance. Gene has recently been kicked out of the house by his estranged wife, and Ginger is an emotionally withdrawn young woman who hates being touched. These three misfits are destined to end up intertwined. What all three main characters share is a neurotic form of compensating for their individual tragedies. Gene takes on the cause of obesity in children, to the extent where he is actually abusive and insensitive to those he shares his cause with. Ginger keeps alive through her web series promoting the tragedies of her pet bunny rabbit; one begins to wonder if she is superimposing her own story on that of the rabbit. Titty is a withdrawn loner who believes nobody likes him, but when he does seek love, his lack of social skills dooms the end result. Drawn to Ginger from her blog, Titty and Gene feel the need to make her happy by buying her a bicycle. What grows is a friendship that is always troubled, but very much sensitive to what each person’s needs are. An absolute delight, providing surprises at every turn, FUNNY BUNNY has been nominated for several Best Narrative awards at a plethora of important US film festivals.


United States
Atlanta Film Festival 2015
Best actor and best editing from the Brooklyn Film Fest
Little Rock Film Festival 2015
Nashville Film Festival 2015
SXSW Festival
Alison Bagnall
Executive Producer
Mark Shlomchik
Tara Ann Culp, Laura Heberton, Vinay Singh, Ted Speaker
Alison Bagnall, Olly Alexander, Kentucker Audley, Joslyn Jensen
Ashley Connor
Kentucker Audley, David Barker, Caleb Johnson
Olly Alexander, Kentucker Audley, Joslyn Jensen