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Funnily Enough

Year 2015
Runtime 91 mins

Roll with the punchlines with some of this year’s funniest shorts. Laugh along with stories about relationships, growing up and real estate.

SUMO ROAD – THE MUSICAL – Japan – 25 minutes – Ken Ochiai

A friendless exchange student joins the sumo team at a Japanese university. He must stand up to the team leader and face him in an ultimate sumo match. Music and laxatives feature prominently.

THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE – USA – 7 minutes – Mark Kunerth

When a broken-hearted guy turns to the Internet to get over his ex-girlfriend, he gets more than he bargained for but exactly what he should have expected.

SECRET AGENT PROBLEMS – Canada – 5 minutes – Tommy Campbell

They are elite secret agents who trained for everything... except for this.

HOW I DIDN’T BECOME A PIANO PLAYER – United Kingdom – 18 minutes – Tommaso Pitta

A young boy cannot find anything he is good at until his father brings home a piano. Scratch that; he is not very good on the piano either.

ALL YOU DO IS SHAG (SÓLO SABES FOLLAR) – Spain – 5 minutes – Manu Bueno

Sometimes you simply cannot stand your partner´s perfection. Every little detail, every nice gesture and every delightful comment all end up ruining co-existence.

DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER – Canada – 9 minutes – Christine Buijs

After a bad breakup, a seasoned wedding photographer makes a career change. At least it’s better than dealing with the bridezillas.

THE HOUSE IS INNOCENT – USA – 12 minutes – Nicholas Coles

A documentary about the proud new owners of a serial killer’s house. Sometimes the best way to handle a dark past is to embrace it.