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Cop Car

Year 2015
Runtime 86 mins

When a pair of rebellious 10-year-old boys run away from home and stumble upon a seemingly abandoned cop car in a country field, they think their not-so-innocent joyride will end peacefully. 

But it seems like they picked the wrong cop car as the owner, corrupt sheriff Kevin Bacon (FOOTLOOSE, MYSTIC RIVER), is in the midst of his own mayhem.

What ensues is a deadly game of cat and mouse and everybody is in over their heads.

As the desperate chaos in COP CAR escalates, the boys grow from blissfully unaware to acutely terrified of the danger they find themselves in until the madness comes to a frantic conclusion. Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford) may be just a couple of 10-year-old hellions, but they shine in this Sundance Film Festival selection while Bacon nails the role as the small-town cop with a sneer.


United States
Sundance Film Festival 2015, Fantasia Film Festival 2015, Edinburgh Film Festival 2015
Jon Watts
Executive Producer
Lance Acord, Kevin Bacon, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Frank Brenner, Walter Kortschak, Bill Perry, Tom Valerio
Sam Bisbee, Andrew Kortschak, Cody Ryder, Alicia Van Couvering, Jon Watts
Jon Watts, Christopher D. Ford
Matthew J. Lloyd, Larkin Seiple
Megan Brooks, Andrew Hasse
Production Design
Michael Powsner
Kevin Bacon, James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford