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Aliens & Outcasts

Year 2015
Runtime 85 mins

Not everyone can be popular, and when you don't fit in you may as well be from another planet. Oddballs and outsiders from school-yard misfits to foreign immigrants fight to find their rightful place in society.

OVER - UK - 14 min - Jörn Threlfall

A chilling crime scene unfolds in reverse order with a reality that is profound and deeply unexpected.

MYRNA THE MONSTER - USA - 14 min - Ian Samuels

A heart-broken alien dreamer from the moon transitions into adult life in Los Angeles like any other 20-something.

BOY RAZOR - Sweden - 12 min - Peter Pontikis

When a bullied boy tries to get even with his tormentors, his plan for revenge reaches dangerous proportions in this heart-pounding coming-of-age film. CANADIAN PREMIERE.

LEWIS - CDN - 19 min - Fantavious Fritz

A missing cat witnesses the intersections of human life in a neighbourhood and meets a lonely Lithuanian widow living out her final days.

THE DIVE (LE GRAND BAIN) - FR - 6 min - Cecile Davidovici

When a bullied nine-year-old is faced with swimming class, he finds an ingenious way to both gain his classmates’ respect and avoid the diving board.

HOME SWEET HOME - CDN - 11 min - Frédéric Lefebvre

Life is routine for an elderly man and his loving wife, until he wakes up to an unexpected reality in this chilling take on aging.

ELGIN PARK - USA - 10 min - Danny Yourd

Michael Paul Smith has spent most of his reclusive life struggling through bullying, prejudices and health issues. His answer is to create a magical fictional town called Elgin Park.