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Canadian Cinema

Jewel Fools

Year 2014
Runtime 110 mins
Language English, Hindi
Subtitles Yes
World Premiere

After the engagement ring meant for his girlfriend is stolen, a young man and his friends plot to steal it back.

Denis (Praneet Akilla) has got all that he needs. Namely, two best friends Chad (Jian Choo) and Huey (David Schnetkamp), a job that earns him enough money to smoke pot, and most importantly, Aly, his devoted girlfriend of four years (Azra Lallany). Wanting to show Aly that he's serious about their relationship, he devises a plan to propose to her with his grandmother's impressive diamond ring. When criminals steal the ring, Denis and his friends must put aside their slacker ways and craft the perfect plan to steal it back. As the men race to recover the ring, they stumble into a criminal underworld more dangerous than they could have imagined.

A light-hearted mixture of action, fantasy, comedy and Bollywood, Jewel Fools showcases the skills of emerging young Calgarian filmmakers Bhaveek Makan and Jashan Makan, past winners of CIFF’s Youth by Youth Cinema Competition.


Bhaveek Makan, Jashan Makan
Executive Producer
Bhavesh Chauahan
Bhaveek Makan, Jashan Makan
Dominic Licorish
Jashan Makan
Jashan Makan
Praneet Akilla,Jian Choo,David Schnetkamp