Bonobo web
World Cinema


Year 2013
Runtime 103 mins
Language English
Subtitles No
Canadian Premiere

A lucrative one-time offer from a London escort agency is a financial boon for newly married Alec and Sarah Turner, but the night quickly comes to symbolize much more. One night. One time.

Former-model Sarah Turner is offered a lucrative offer from a London escort agency that could financially bail out her young family. Freshly married to Alec, the couple is initially bemused by the offer. Reconciling their situation, Sarah follows through with the date, with Alec waiting for her the next morning in an upscale hotel. Upon returning to normal family life in the countryside, it become increasingly evident Alec is very disturbed by what has transpired.


United Kingdom
Pineapple Underground Film Festival 2014, Southend-On-Sea Film Festival 2014, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2014
Mark Withers
Mark Withers, Jordan Kitching
Mark Withers
Mark Withers
Christopher Hatherall,Freya Berry