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Thorn Castle


Year 2012
Runtime 99 mins
Language Hungarian with English subtitles
Subtitles Hungarian with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere

An updated version of one of Hungary's most beloved young adult novels (Tüskevár), Thorn Castle tells the tale of two boys who come of age one summer in the country.

Tutajos (Marcell Nagy) is an excellent student whose parents decide to reward his academic achievements with a vacation to the countryside. Robbed of his gadgets and easy city-lifestyle, Tutajos finds himself completely out of his element—until a goodhearted ranger named Matula (Lajos Kovács) teaches him how to get back to nature. As Tutajos' best friend Butjok (Bálint Péntek) joins him on his vacation, the two boys learn the joys of camping, hunting, and living off of the land.

The second film from writer-director Gyorgy Balogh, Thorn Castle is a gentle story of friendship and maturity, demonstrating that the key to communing with nature is taming the wilderness within oneself.


Children's Film Festival Lucknow, India
Gyorgy Balogh
Gabor Ferenczy, Attila Tozser
Gyorgy Balogh
Akos Gulyas
Matyas Fekete
Zoltan Czutor, Tamas Jutasi
Lajos Kovacs, Marcell Nagy, Balint Pentek, Karoly Eperjes, Judit Pogany, Peter Haumann