Strange Sinema

Year 2013
Runtime 84 mins

From extraordinary experiments to outlandish sexual adventures, these sinful and sexy shorts celebrate the bizarre, marvelous, absurd and downright strange. Prepare to be shocked by these punchy alternate realities—you’ll never forget the places they take you.

The Strange Sinema program is not suitable for children.


Kick-Heart. Masaaki Yuasa, Japan. 13 min. Animation

Butt Drunk (The Vodka Tampon Song). Amanda DeSimone, Greg Emetaz, USA. 3 min. Music Video

Valibation. Todd Strauss-Schulson, USA. 21 min. Narrative

Room 69 (Chambre 69). Claude Barras, Switzerland. 3 min. Animation

Return to Sender. Denise Hauser, Norway. 12 min. Narrative

The Daughter (La Hija). Jazmin Rada, Spain. 5 min. Narrative

Malody. Phillip Barker, Canada. 12 min. Experimental

The Event. Julia Pott, UK. 4 min. Animation

Cochemare. Chris Lavis, Macjek Szczerbowski, Canada. 12 min. Narrative, 3D.