Short, Fast, and Funny!

Year 2013
Runtime 76 mins

Roll with the punchlines with some of this year’s funniest shorts. Butt jokes, raunchy rumour and relationships gone comedically wrong, this series abounds with gut-busters guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Prepare to be slightly-offended, grossed out, and brought back to your senses through the best medicine: laughter.


Eating 4 Two (The Tapeworm Song). Greg Emetaz, Amanda DeSimone, USA. 3 min Music Video

The Pledge for Mr. Bunny. Kevin Lim, AU. 9 min. Narrative

Special Video Message. Alex Forstenhausler, USA. 3 min. Narrative

No Beers for Bradley. Julian Doan, USA. 10 min. Narrative

Shenanigans. Colin Foster, Peter Kimball, USA. 8 min. Narrative

Wanta Sext? Tyler Funk, Canada. 5 min. Narrative

F**K THE PARENTS. Ethan Kuperberg, USA. 10 min. Narrative

Crush 472. Jess Scott-Hunter, UK. 4 min. Narrative

Bum Future. Laura Terruso, USA. 11 min. Narrative

You’re Not That Crazy. Jason Sokoloff, USA. 5 min. Narrative

Blessing in Disguise. Eric Kissack, USA. 10 min Narrative.