Relative Secrets

Year 2013
Runtime 89 mins

Families come in all shapes and sizes. But is blood truly thicker than water in today’s world? None of these silver screen families are exactly traditional, but each is remarkable in their love (or lack thereof) for each other.


Whale Valley. Gudmunder Arnar Gudmundsson, Demark/Iceland. 15 min. Narrative

Mobile Homes. Vladimir de Fontenay, USA. Narrative

Life. Lasse Lorenzen, Denmark. 2 min. Narrative

Imperfect (Imparfaite). Emilie Gauthier, Canada. 9 min. Narrative

Dotty. Mick Andrews, New Zealand. 11 min. Narrative

Kirua-Kigali. Goran Kapetanovic, Rwanda/Sweden. 11 min. Narrative

Walk the Moon. Roman Tchjen, Canada. 11 min. Narrative

Apple of His Eye (Mi Ojo Derecho). Josecho de Linares, Spain. 13 min. Narrative