Love, Sex, and Tears

Year 2013
Runtime 89 mins

Relationships gone wrong, right and everywhere in-between abound in these cutting short stories. How does a superhero’s heart break? What is the sound of unspoken lust? Where there is true love there are also ultimately tears, be they happy or sad.


Dinner and a Movie. Ben Aston, UK. 14 min

Ellen is Leaving. Michelle Savill, New Zealand. 16 min

The Date. Jenni Toivomiemi, Finland. 7 min

Epilogue. Dylan Allen, USA. 7 min

Your Place or Mine. Jessica Joy Wise, Canada. 6 min

Other Lives. Eirik Tveiten, Norway. 11 min

Sweetieface. Mark O’Brien, Canada. 14 min

Ballet. Eivind Tolas, Norway. 4 min