Hard days work for lad and ranger WEB

Lad: A Yorkshire Story

Year 2012
Runtime 96 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere

Tom Proctor (Bretten Lord) has nothing to lose. The death of his father has sent his family reeling, and the local bank is preparing to foreclose on his mother's house. With his older brother leaving to join the military, lonely, angry Tom has no-one to turn to—until an act of vandalism against the bank leads the police to sentence him to community service.

Forced to work in the nearby national park, Tom is taken under the wing of Al (Alan Gibson), the gentle park warden who can sense Tom's pain and loss. As the unlikely pair work together, Tom begins to open up, while Al finds a new sense of purpose. Shot against the stunning backdrop of England's Yorkshire Dales and using local non-actors, Lad: A Yorkshire Story tells a story of finding the strength to move on after the death of a loved one.


United Kingdom
Dan Hartley
Dan Hartley, Richard Shean, Denise Ehren (Co-Producer)
Dan Hartley
David Mackie
Dan Hartley
Alan Gibson, Bretten Lord, Nancy Clarkson, Molly McGlynn