Behind the Screen

Extreme Polarities

(Documentary at the Ends of the World )

Year 2013
Runtime 90 mins

Intro: Bill Evans (AMPIA)

Moderation: Sue Bristow (Legend of a Warrior)

Panelists: Peter Young (The Last Ocean), Stephen Smith and Julia Szucs (CIFF 2012's Vanishing Point)

Join documentary filmmakers Peter Young, Stephen Smith and Julia Szucs as they outline their provocative histories in making climate-inspired films at the far reaches of the earth. The Antarctic and Northern ice flows are hardly standard “walks in the park” for filmmaking. How does one adapt to the frozen wilds? How does a filmmaker balance objectivity when awash in grey areas of climate-change propaganda, seismic cultural shifts, and explicit missions? Does it matter? Discover what it’s like to make films on the frozen edge, and the choices that come with carrying such politically loaded ventures.

The Industry Series is made possible with the generous support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project.


Canada New Zealand