Days of Their Lives

Year 2013
Runtime 83 mins

Live vicariously through these surprising stories of extraordinary lives. Witness the human toll of the Syrian revolution; meet an eccentric neurologist-turned-rollerblader; pull back the veil of terrorism; run with a pack of wild dogs. These short films let you look through the eyes of others’


A Resident of the City. Adham El Sherif, Egypt. 17 min. Narrative

My Charles is a Good Boy. Kevin McMullin, USA. 8 min. Narrative

The Assistant. David Guiraud, Anne-Claire Jaulin, France. 16 min. Narrative

Karl’s Death (Karlstod). Mariko Minoguchi, Germany. 12 min. Narrative

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution. Matthew VanDyke, USA. 14 min. Narrative

Slomo. Josh Izenberg, USA. 16 min. Documentary