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Canadian Cinema

That Burning Feeling

Year 2013
Runtime 90 mins
World Premiere

Spurred by a career crisis and a sudden break-up, Adam decides to embrace new experiences and embark on a life makeover. There's just one problem: his new push to live life to the fullest and jump into the deep end of the dating pool has left him with a sexually transmitted disease.

Now, Adam is faced with the unfortunate task of tracking down all of his past partners and breaking the bad news. As he re-connects with Liv, a former one-night stand, he finds himself developing feelings for her, leading him to open up to her about just about everything–except the one thing he came to tell her. Starring Road Trip’s Paulo Costanzo, John Cho of Star Trek and Harold and Kumar fame, and rising Canadian star Emily Hampshire (Cosmopolis, My Awkward Sexual Adventure), That Burning Feeling is a comedy about the people who have touched us—for better and for worse.


Jason James
Marc Stephenson, Jason James
Nick Citton, Jason James
James Liston
Jamie Alain
Production Design
Scott Moulton
Andrew Harris
Paulo Costanzo, Ingrid Haas, John Cho, Tyler Labine, Emily Hampshire