The Birder  15 WEB
Canadian Cinema

The Birder

Year 2014
Runtime 85 mins
World Premiere

A revenge comedy set in the vicious world of bird watching, The Birder is Theodore Bezaire’s second feature film.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re being replaced, but it just keeps happening to Ron Spencer (Tom Cavanagh). The dissolution of his marriage is the first blow to Ron’s ego, but then he loses out to young and obnoxious Floyd Hawkins for the prestigious Head of Ornithology position at the local bird sanctuary—pushing the mild-mannered forty-something high school teacher over the proverbial cliff of despair. But revenge is sweet, and no way is Ron going to hand over his mediocre life without a fight. The Birder features a profoundly developed character performance by Cavanagh, who leads a well known cast including Mark Rendall (Victoria Day), Jamie Spilchuk (Stoked), Tommie-Amber Pirie (The Trotsky, Michaels: Tuesdays & Thursdays), Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves, Green Mile) and Fred Willard (Waiting for Guffman, Austin Powers, This is Spinal Tap).


Theodore Bezaire
Executive Producer
Michael Baker, Roy Collavino, John Cervini
Gerry Lattmann, Jeff Nadalin, Roy A. Collavino
Theodore Bezaire, Mike Stasko
Arthur E. Cooper CSC
Dev Singh
Production Design
Taavo Soodor
Rich Pell, Dylan Heming, Isabelle Noel
Tom Cavanagh, Mark Rendall, Fred Willard, Graham Greene