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Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Year 2013
Runtime 92 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

We all know the basics: Dark winters. Bright summers. Cute penguins. But what’s it like to actually live in Antarctica, widely regarded as the harshest environment on earth?

New Zealand photographer Anthony Powell spent a decade documenting his experience at the bottom of the world—from the awe-inspiring auroras and animal ecosystems, to the freezing and terrifying ice storms. But most importantly, he pointed his camera at the people—not just the scientists, but the everyday workers who live on base to keep the stations running. Despite the isolation, claustrophobia, and hostile weather, Powell studiously captures every moment with humour, pathos, and a healthy dose of awe.

In the process, Powell has developed his own specialized camera technology able to withstand the freezing temperatures, subsequently making this the first time that Antarctica’s pitch-dark winters have been properly captured on film. His remarkable time-lapse imagery and panoramic vistas have been featured in BBC’s Frozen Planet and in National Geographic. Antarctica: A Year on Ice is a must-see on the big screen.


New Zealand
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell
Simon Price
Genevieve Bachman, Michael Christiansen, Tom Hamann