Suicide Shop magazin des suicide

Suicide Shop

(Le magasin des suicides)

Year 2012
Runtime 79 mins
Subtitles French language with English Subtitles
Alberta Premiere

A macabre musical with a debt to the deranged genius of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams, the 3d-animated The Suicide Shop is a whimsical take on a dire topic. Set in a city so drab that its denizens fling themselves from buildings with disturbing frequency, the film follows the Tuvache family, purveyors of poison, blades, rope, and whatever else a young man needs to end his life. With a never-ending supply of suicidal citizens, the Tuvache's business is booming—until the birth of Alan.

Despite the best efforts of the Tuvaches, their new son simply does not understand how to be dour. Even in the face of beatings, the cheerful young lad somehow brings a smile to every customer who walks through the door. Needless to say, such a chipper demeanour is bad for business. But what's to be done?


Belgium Canada France
Toronto International Film Festival 2012
Patrice Leconte
Valerie d'Auteuil, Thomas Langmann, Emmanuel Montamat, Gilles Podesta , Andre Roule
Patrice Leconte, Jean Teule
Reginald Gallienne Nicolae Ilies
Production Design
Regis Vidal, Florian Thouret
Etienne Perruchon
Bernard Alane, Isabelle Spade, Kacey Mottet Klein, Isabelle Giami, Laurent Gendron