Simon in Asbestos Zone
Canadian Cinema

Mr. Viral

Year 2012
Runtime 116 mins
Language English, French
World Premiere
A DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEEDirector Alex Boothby, Producer Janine Short, Stars Jefferson Brown, Alex Appel, Christian Lloyd, and Music Composer Andrew Hunter are scheduled to attend.Mr. Viral combines three short stories of deception, love and lust set in the world of viral advertising, woven around a mysterious digital marketer who calls himself “Mr. Viral.” Simon (Jefferson Brown), a deposed creative director, takes revenge on his replacements by creating sleazy internet videos that recast their children's toys as toys of an entirely different kind. Meanwhile, desperate to uncover her wife's infidelity, Stacey (Alex Appel) turns internet sleuth, but quickly discovers the dark side of cyber-stalking; and Bruce (Michael Ripley), a lonely accountant, falls into an emotional trap while looking for love on the Internet. Written and directed by former ad-man Alex Boothby, Mr. Viral displays an insider's knowledge of the intersection between web culture and the real world—and rams a skewer of dark comedy through both.


Alex Boothby
Executive Producer
Alex Appel, Daniel Bekerman, Alex Boothby
Janine Short, Drazen Baric
Alex Boothby
Daniel Grant
Marcus Moore
Andrew Hunter
Jefferson Brown, Alex Appel, Christian Lloyd, Michael Ripley