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A Liar's Autobiography - The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman

Year 2012
Runtime 85 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

You can't keep a good Python—or even a dead Python—down. When a recording of the late Graham Chapman reading his eccentric memoir was recently discovered, the remaining members of Monty Python decided to pay tribute to their most deceased member. Enlisting 15 animation companies and featuring contributions from John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, A Liar's Autobiography tracks the pivotal important moments in Chapman's life, as recounted by the man himself.

Never one to abide by convention, Chapman hardly feels compelled to stick to the truth. Touching on his med-school days, his coming out and, of course, the mythic rise of Python, the film has been described by Jones as “a downright, absolute, blackguardly lie.” Still, who needs the truth when you can have a rollicking fib from one of comedy's greatest legends?


United Kingdom
Toronto International Film Festival 2012
Bill Jones
Executive Producer
Mark Sandell and Meyer Shwarzstein
Bill Jones and Ben Timlett
Graham Chapman and David Sherlock
Bill Jones
John Greswell, Christopher Taylor
Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Carol Cleveland, Philip Bulcock