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Battle of Warsaw: 1920

(1920 Bitwa Warszawska)

Year 2011
Runtime 115 mins
Language Polish, Russian
Subtitles Polish with English Subtitles

Ask a historian and they'll tell you that Poland's fight against the red army in 1920 was one of the most important events of the twentieth century, putting an early hold on Soviet expansion. Ask Oscar-Nominated director Jerzy Hoffman (whose 1999 With Fire and Sword is still Poland's top-grossing movie ever), and he'll say it's a perfect backdrop for an old-fashioned military epic. Rendering its historical setting in glorious 3D with white-knuckle action scenes and sweeping drama, the Battle of Warsaw: 1920 is pure entertainment.

Hoffman tells his story from the point of view of two young protagonists, beautiful cabaret singer Ola (Natasza Urbanska) and sensitive cavalryman Jan (Boris Szyc). Moments after their marriage, Jan is called into duty, leaving Ola alone in Warsaw. Cutting between the two locales, Hoffman captures the joyful energy of newly independent Poland and the hardships experienced on the front lines in this crowd-pleasing military adventure.



Jerzy Hoffman
Jerzy R. Michaluk
Jerzy Hoffman, Jaroslaw Sokol
Slawomir Idziak
Marcin Bastkowski, Marek Dabrowski
Production Design
Andrzej Halinski
Krzesimir Debski
Borys Szyc, Natasza Urbanska, Daniel Olbrychski