Target WEB
World Cinema



Year 2011
Runtime 158 mins
Language Russian
Subtitles Russian with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere

Alexander Zeldovich’s intelligent, philosophical, sexually frank, and visually spectacular adult science-fiction film tackles weighty issues: immortality and ennui, post-Western geopolitics, the physical existence of good and evil, and the redemptive power of love. In 2020, stability and peace prevail. China is the global superpower and the Russian economy is booming. The endlessly jammed Guangzhou-to-Paris superhighway is the cross-Continental lifeline, but the ultra-rich elite are desperately bored.

Victor, the Natural Resources Minister, his wife, her TV star brother and a customs official have everything they want, except happiness and time. Together, they head to The Target, an abandoned Soviet-era astrophysics facility near the Mongolian border. Arriving at a small village, sparsely populated by youthful senior citizens, they are taken to their goal. They paid handsomely for the opportunity to maintain their youth – possibly to live forever: but what will the true price be?

To be preceded by:

YURI LENNON'S LANDING ON ALPHA 46 (dir. Anthony Vouardoux, 2010, Switzerland/Germany, 15 MIN)

Shuttle pilot Yuri Lennon investigates a mysterious signal transmission emanating from unknown planet A46. Upon landing, Yuri faces an extraordinary paradox. A fantastically funny middle finger to the arrogance of mankind.

Berlin International Film Festival 2011
Telluride Film Festival 2011
Alexander Zeldovich
Dmitri Lesnevsky
Vladimir Sorokin, Alexander Zeldovich
Alexandre Ilkhovski
Neil Farrell, Andrey Nazarov
Leonid Desyatnikov
Vitaly Kishchenko,
Danila Kozlovskiy,
Nina Loshchinina