Im Yours

I'm Yours

Year 2011
Runtime 79 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

On his 30th birthday, Robert (Rossif Sutherland) is suddenly confronted with the fact that he hates his life as a successful New York financial specialist. So he does the one thing droves of depressed, disillusioned office drones dream of the world over – he sells everything, quits, and celebrates his freedom by hooking up with a random woman in a seedy motel. But Daphne (the random woman) won’t stand for a one night stand. When Robert wakes up, he’s in the passenger seat of his car, watching in abject disbelief as Daphne crosses the border from the United States into Canada. When he objects to the kidnapping, Daphne blackmails him into spending the weekend with her estranged family.

I’M YOURS is a departure from more commercial meeting-the-in-laws comedies, and it only gets stranger the further north Robert and Daphne travel. Plots involving apocalypse conspiracies, free love and the increasingly blurred line between fantasy and reality all intersect in this heady existential comedy from the director of 2007’s ALL HAT.


Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2011
Leonard Farlinger
Executive Producer
John Hamilton
Jennifer Jonas, Avi Federgreen, Mallary Davenport
Leonard Farlinger
Jonathon Cliff
Matt Hannam
Production Design
Steve Henry
Ohad Benchetrit, Justin Small
Rossif Sutherland,
Karine Vanasse,
Don McKellar