I Gauguin

I, Gauguin


Year 2012
Runtime 86 mins
Alberta Premiere

A Work in Progress Screening 

Director Gregg Gibbs and Lee Don Taicher in Attendance!

This behind-the-scenes documentary follows 73-year-old novice filmmaker Lee Don Taicher as he attempts to make a film about the infamous French artist, Paul Gauguin. Wearing multiple hats as writer, director and producer of the film, in addition to tackling the role of Gauguin, Taicher quickly gets in over his head. He enlists the help of his brother Bob and casts his youngest son Alex in a lead role, and they all head to Maui to film the story of the final days of a struggling artist. Hilarity ensues when nothing goes according to plan, and the resulting chaos threatens the entire production. This movie-within-a-movie, set in a tropical paradise, captures the outrageous behavior of an eccentric artist who feels driven to express himself despite overwhelming obstacles.
Contains much foul language and explicit nudity.



United States
Gregg Gibbs
Kyle Schember
Gregg Gibbs
Matthew Morgan
Production Design
Gregg Gibbs
Gerald Talbot
Lee Don Taicher,
Alex Taicher,
Robert Taicher