George the Hedgehog
Late Shows

George the Hedgehog

(Jeż Jerzy)

Year 2011
Runtime 80 mins
Language Polish
Subtitles English
Canadian Premiere

It's been a long time since CIFF has had the opportunity to screen an animated feature in the Late Shows series, let alone finding one that's over-the-top enough to fit into the Hump Night lineup. Yet here, in the grand tradition of FRITZ THE CAT and THE DISTRICT, is GEORGE THE HEDGEHOG, a wacky, fast-paced social satire featuring a skateboarding, boozing, sex-loving, womanizing, boob-crazed hedgehog that you'll quickly forget isn’t human.

Based on the popular Polish underground comic, GEORGE THE HEDGEHOG begins when a mad scientist hires two skinheads to get a hold of George’s genes in order to make a clone. The cloning works, but the new hedgehog doesn’t have quite the same grace as George, and severely complicates his life and reputation. After blowing away audiences at its world premiere at SXSW, GEORGE THE HEDGEHOG is a soon-to-be-cult-classic that pushes every boundary imaginable. With ample supplies of crudeness, nudity and bodily functions, directors Wojtek Wawszczyk (I, ROBOT, AEON FLUX) Jakub Tarkowski and Tomasz LeÅ�niak have outdone themselves with this crass cartoon masterpiece.

To be preceded by:

THE CONFESSION OF FATHER JOHN THOMAS (dir. Elka Kerkhofs, 2011, Australia, 5 MIN)

A fast-paced, filthy animated romp through the Australian outback with a most unusual priest who finally gets the balls to confess his deepest fantasies.


SXSW Film Festival 2011
Wojtek Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski, Tomasz Leśniak
Stanislaw Dziedzic, Eliza Oczkowska, Maciej Slesicki
Rafał Skarżycki, Tomasz Leśniak
Wojtek Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski, Anna Błaszczyk
Wojtek Włodarski
Jacek Szymkiewicz, Jan Duszyński
Borys Szyc,
Maria Peszek,
Maciej Maleńczuk