You, Me & Everybody

Year 2010
Runtime 99 mins
Language English, Finnish, Spanish
Subtitles English

18A - Advisories: Nudity, Substance Absuse, Violence, & Mature Subject Matter.

Everyone has a story. Some of these narratives are unique to the person telling them, while others may ring true to your inner core. Come slip over the fence, take a bike ride or dive into someone else’s world. You never know—it might lead to a new life!

Ego Sum Petrus
DIRECTOR: Julien Dexant, France, 2010, 5 MIN
Petrus, an old poet, lives in the "poetry shop" he closed a long time ago. Reclusive, he's fixed to his typewriter in a dark and filthy room, but bitterness and hatred have paralysed his inspiration.
Official Selection Festival d'Annecy 2010

A Bike Ride
DIRECTOR: Bernard Attal, US, 2009, 13 MIN
Each day, a young girl reconciles the uncertainties of life during a bicycle rides with her father.
Official Selection Clermont Ferrand 2010

DIRECTOR: Chelsea McMullan, Canada (ON), 2009, 6 MIN
A site-specific dance film that exposes the layers of history embedded in the intersecting spaces of the Grange and Harrison Baths in Toronto.

Over the Fence (Viikko ennen vappua)
Finnish with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Hamy Ramezan, Finland, 2009, 30 MIN
Tomi tries to steer his sister Aino in the right direction so she doesn’t follow in their mother’s footsteps. Slowly losing control of his sister, he must learn to trust and ultimately live for himself.
Winner Best Short CWC Worldwide Short Film Festival 2010

A New Life ! (Une Nouvelle Vie!)
DIRECTOR: Fred Joyeux, France, 2009, 4 MIN
Stricken by an attack of migraines, a man discovers sensational sensations. Here is a new life opening for him.
Official Selection Festival de Clermont-Ferrand 2010
Official Selection Festival d'Annecy2010

Birthday (Födelsedag)
Swedish with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Jenifer Malmqvist, Sweden, 2010, 18 MIN
Sara prepares a surprise for her wife Katarina’s birthday with the help of their daughter, Johanna.
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2010

Lost Bullets
Spanish with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Mono Ghose, UK, 2010, 20 MIN
A twist of fate and a bloody encounter forces the worlds of two men to powerfully collide, 15 years after a childhood tragedy.