You Are What You Eat

Year 2010
Runtime 102 mins
Language Arabic, English, Spanish, Tamil
Subtitles English

14A - Advisories: Violence, Sexual Content, & Substance Abuse.

This program is dedicated to everything to do with eating, feeding, flesh and food. Some of these delicious treats will make you burst at the seams while others will leave an interesting taste in your mouth. For those who have a pallet for superb film, come on down, grab a seat and eat up!

DIRECTOR: Félix LaJeunesse & Paul Raphaël, Canada(NU/QC), 2009, 7MIN
In the snowy Arctic tundra, world-renowned Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq shape shifts from animal to human and back again. A meditation on hunting, landscape and identity in the north.
Sundance Film Festival Official Selection
Winner Best Short at ImagineNATIVE

Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life
DIRECTOR:Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski, Canada(QC)/US,2010,24min
A suspenseful and heartfelt journey of one dog and her quest to realize her dream. From producer Spike Jonze, and featuring the voices of Meryl Streep and Forest Whitaker.

To Swallow A Toad (Norit Krupi)
DIRECTOR: Jurgis Krasons, Lativa, 2010, 10 MIN
In a small town in Latvia, some “round” intellectuals made their home. They were smart, kind, farsighted and successful. The reason for their success – they could swallow toads.
Festival de Cannes Official Selection

Chicken Heads (Roos Djaj)
Arabic with English subtitles
DIRECTOR:Bassam Jarbawi, Palestinian Territory(occupied)/US,2009,15min
After his father’s prized sheep goes missing, Yousef devises a strategy to keep the truth buried.

Dinner Date
DIRECTOR: Tom Antos, Canada (ON), 2009, 4 MIN
A comedy about four people recounting very different dating experiences. One person's dream date becomes the other person's date from hell.

DIRECTOR: Gustavo Rosa de Moura, Brazil, 2009, 12 MIN
Inside a Brazilian slaughterhouse, two skilled men build a cow.

Tamil with English subtitles, Animated
DIRECTOR: Jordan Suleiman, Mussadique Suleiman, Malaysia, 2009, 5 MIN
A Rojak (traditional Malaysian dish) seller’s take on Malaysia’s multi-faceted social and political tapestry.

Cold Turkey
DIRECTOR: Gavin Keane, Ireland, 2010, 11 MIN
Low-budget filmmaking, curious children and an alternate use for a cold turkey.

La Patrona
Spanish with English subtitles - Documentary
DIRECTOR: Lizzette Argüello, Mexico, 2009, 5 MIN
In LA PATRONA, a group of women provide lunch to migrant workers from Central America to Mexico with the train whizzing by.

The Apostles
DIRECTOR: Jeff Chan, Canada (ON), 2009, 8 MIN
Even the most historic moments are prone to the awkward confines of the social condition.