World Cinema

Me, Too

(Yo, Tambien)

Year 2009
Runtime 103 mins
Language Spanish
Subtitles Spanish
Canadian Premiere

Spanish with English subtitles

14A- Sexual Content

ME, TOO is the story of Daniel (Pablo Pineda), the first European with Down syndrome to graduate university. Raised in a highly academic home environment, the 34-year-old Daniel is constantly caught between two worlds, without quite fitting in on either side. He is more intellectual than the average person with Down syndrome, but not “normal” enough to fit in with much of “normal” society. Because of his loneliness, his relationships are the most important part of his life. When Daniel starts a new job, he soon forms a close friendship with one of his co-workers, Laura (Lola Dueñas). The friendship advances quickly into something more all consuming, and soon Daniel falls in love.

The intimate journey of Daniel, Laura and their friends and family captures the intense emotions each of them experiences. ME, TOO is a fascinating and emotional first feature film written and directed by the team of Álvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro.



Goya Award Best Actress & Best Original Song 2010, Silver Seashell Best Actor & Best Actress San Sebastián International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010, Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2010, Official Selection Seattle International Film Festival 2010
Álvaro Pastor & Antonio Naharro
Executive Producer
Koldo Zuazua y Emilio González
Alicia Produce, Promico Imagen, Manuel Gómez Cardeña, Julio Medem y Koldo Zuazua
Álvaro Pastor & Antonio Naharro
Alfonso Postigo
Nino Martínez Sosa
Guille Milkyway
Lola Duenas, Isabel Garcia Locas